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Cub Scout Pack 176
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Every Cub Scout regardless of age starts with his Bobcat badge.  Earning this is your boy's first step down the scouting path.

An excellent link to the complete Bobcat requirements can be found here at a great resource, the Boy Scout Trail website.

A quick one page sheet with all of the Bobcat requirements can be downloaded from our public Dropbox here, and you can also work from this document.

With there parent or guardian whoo will act as there Akela in the program, please complete the exercises in book (PDF version) of How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse.

Pages 15-18 has the section needed to complete the Bobcat badge.
Our council has an online store where you can order a Uniform for your new scout.   

A trip to the Scout shop is also fun located in the Fickett Center at 12500 North IH 35.They can help you pull everything there, and make sure you have insignia and such.  We're lucky that the store has moved so close to us, it used to be at 290 and 183!